Rogue Reads Will Return!

Rogue Reads is a community reading program that happens annually from December through February. Come back this fall to hear all about this year’s book selections.

Learn even more about Julia as she gives insight into her creative process here.

Join us for an Author Talk with Julia Alvarez on 2/1/24.

Julia Alvarez is a highly acclaimed Dominican-American writer known for her compelling and richly textured literary works that delve into the complexities of cultural identity, migration, and the immigrant experience. Born in New York City and raised in the Dominican Republic, Alvarez skillfully weaves together the threads of her heritage, history, and personal stories in her writing. Alvarez’s work reflects a deep understanding of displacement, belonging, and the enduring power of family and culture. Her poetic prose and passionate advocacy for social issues have earned her widespread recognition and numerous awards, establishing her as a prominent voice in contemporary literature.

A community that reads together grows together.

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