Get a unique look back through time at local history with the monthly Windows in Time lunchtime lectures, co-sponsored by JCLS and the Southern Oregon Historical Society. We’ve considered some truly fascinating topics over the years, from social and economic trends to architecture and commerce, as well as the people who have called the Rogue Valley home.

The Windows in Time series is currently held on Online on the first Wednesday of the month. The program is one hour, from 12 noon – 1 p.m. and is led by a variety of guest speakers.

2021 Topics & Recordings

January 6: The Land Remembers: Landscapes of the Rogue Indian Wars with Richard Bergeman
February 3: The Hidden Demographic: Women and Children Agricultural Workers in Oregon, 1920 to 1970 with Madelina Homberger Cordia
March 3: Jacksonville’s German-Speaking Settlers with Carolyn Kingsnorth
April 7: The Old Wood House: The History and Conservation of a Regional Icon with Skip Geear
May 5: Scandals from the Oregon Railways, 1884-1923 with Sue DeMarinis
June 2: Ten Quirky Things to Know About Historic Ashland with Peter Finkle
July 7: Over Here: Jackson County and World War I with Kevin Keating
August 4: Making History Together: The Southern Oregon Historical Society Celebrates 75 Years with Alice Mullaly
September 1: Napoleon Revisited: Kerby’s Fascinating History with Paul Fattig
October 6: The Amazing Journey of Leonard Case and the Execution of Captain Jack with Todd Kepple
November 3: Oregon’s Least Known Mountains: The Human and Natural History of the Klamath/Siskiyou Ranges with Jeff LaLande
December 1: Celebrating the Rogue Valley in Song with Kira Lesley

2020 Topics & Recordings

August 5: Our Search for Historic Markers in Jackson County with Linda and Peter Kreisman
​September 2: The Rogue River Wars: New Perspectives with Ben Truwe
​October 7: Oregon Caves: Our Underground Treasure with Sue Densmore
November 4: History of Bear Creek: From Salmon Stream to Open Sewer and Back Again with Jeff LaLande
December 2: Persistence: Chinese Labor and the Southern Oregon Railroads with Larry Mullaly