Open Book: January 2023

Q&A with Stacy Carle

Stacy is the College and Career Advisor at South Medford High School.

What service were you excited to learn the library offers?    
In addition to the many services offered by the library, I was thrilled to learn they also provide wonderful craft projects and gifts to our senior citizens. Connecting our NHS group with this outreach service has given the teens an opportunity to share their artistic abilities and skills with our valued older community members. Both generations benefit from this partnership, and the library has done a beautiful job bringing them all together.

What book are you currently reading?  

I’m looking forward to diving into Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelta novel with an octopus as a main character sounds intriguing! If a novelist can intertwine grief, healing, a friendship with an aquarium creature, and solve a mystery in the same story, I’m all in! 

What is your favorite book memory?   

My favorite book memory from childhood is being sent to clean my room, discovering a book I hadn’t read in a long time, and being found, hours later, in my closet, deep in the story, and with my room still a mess.  

My favorite adult book memory is when my very active toddlers refused to sit on my lap for story time, so I put them in the crib and read to them while they were contained and couldn’t leave. Story time is too important to miss! 

Tell us about a recent student-involved project you’re proud of. 

During COVID, our National Honor Society at South joined forces with the NHS group at North to host a huge book giveaway at both schools. We were excited but nervous, wondering if anyone would show up. Our donors were incredibly generous and our tables were overflowing. Children from the community came and took home as many books as they could carry, and their smiles and laughter warmed us up on a very cold day. The remaining books went to our new Medford Online Academy to begin their lending library. The joy and importance of reading was shared across ages, grades, and generations. I’m so thankful we took that leap of faith! 

What is a skill you didn’t realize you’d need as an educator?   

When I started teaching, I had no idea I would have to make so many decisions, quickly, firmly and with 30+ pairs of eyes all staring at me! I had to learn to think fast and predict upcoming issues before they became big problems. This skill served me well as I eventually started coordinating school and community events, and I’m thankful my students trained me so thoroughly. 

Finally, what is your favorite part of working with teens? 

Working with teens fills my heart. They teach me more than I could ever teach them. Watching them navigate their worlds with grit, grace, hope, and humor, I feel so fortunate to have a front row seat to their lives. Every day they bring me a new story, a new challenge, and a new way to see the world. My career in education has been a gift, and I can’t imagine spending my workdays doing anything else. 


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