For the oldest local historical records, the Internet might not always have what you need readily available. JCLS maintains a considerable historical archive throughout our fifteen branches. Medford and Ashland are home to the largest collections. On this page you will find a sampling of the tools and resources available. You can always ask for help from one of the Reference Librarians in Medford or Ashland if need help locating a specific topic or resource.


In the Catalog

On the Shelf

Most of the local history books are shelved in two areas: 917.95 and 979.5 / 979.527, whether in the Reference or the Non-Fiction circulating areas. Other books can be found in the 370s for education; 340s for law and finances; 630s for forestry, etc.


  • Oregon Heritage, Southern Oregon Historical Society, 1994-1995; Ref 979.5 Oregon 1994-1995
  • Oregon Historical Quarterly, Oregon Historical Society, 1900-current; Ref 979.5 Ore
  • Rogue Digger, Rogue Valley Genealogical Society, 1970-current; Ref 929.379521 Rogue
  • Southern Oregon Heritage / Southern Oregon Heritage Today, Southern Oregon Historical Society, 1995-2008; Ref 979.5 Southern
  • Table Rock Sentinel, Southern Oregon Historical Society, 1981-1994; Ref 979.5 Table 1986-1987

Newspapers on Microfilm:

  • Medford Mail Tribune, and its various titles, from late 1890s to current
  • Ashland American / Ashland Register, Jan. 1927-May 1928
  • Central Point American, Jan 1927, July 1936-Aug. 1956
  • Central Point Herald, April 1906-June 1917
  • Central Point Star / Central Point American, April 1929-Sept. 1930, Sept. 1931-July 1936
  • Jackson County News, Oct. 1924-Oct. 1926
  • Jacksonville Post, July 1907-Sept. 1924
  • Various Jacksonville papers, on one reel, mostly from the 1860s and 1870s
  • Ashland Daily Tidings, June 1876-current at the Ashland Branch; Medford has some microfilm for 2003, 2004-2005, and 2006

Newspaper abstracts – in the Ref 071.95 area

  • Ashland Tidings, June 17, 1876-Dec. 9, 1927
  • Southern Oregonian, April 5, 1902-Oct. 30, 1909
  • Medford Enquirer, Feb. 9, 1900- July 3, 1903
  • Gold Hill News (Gleanings from the…), 1910-1914, 1917-1921; Gold Hill and Rogue River branches have 1915-1916 and 1926-1927
  • Gold Hill News, Jan. 19, 1897-Jan. 7, 1910
  • Democratic Times (Jacksonville), 1871-1877, 1901-1904
  • Medford Sun, Nov. 15, 1910-June 22, 1911
  • Talent News, Jan. 14, 1892-July 15, 1894
  • Historical Index of Jacksonville Newspapers

The Medford and Ashland Branch Libraries has one regular microfilm reader. There are four digital microfilm readers located in Medford, which can also save images to a flash drive or sent by email. Printouts are 10 cents a page. Photocopiers are also located in the libraries.

Local History Index in Medford

This card file is located by the pillar near the Reference Local History bookshelves. It is an index of people, places and events taken from local history materials in the Reference and Non-Fiction circulating collections. Materials used include books, magazines, and newspapers. For each item listed on a card, there is code telling from what the item was found and the page number(s). The Key for the codes is on file cards banded together and kept in the front of the first drawer of the Index.

Oregon Cabinet in Ashland

The Ashland Branch Library has an historical photo collection put together by Terry Skibby. A special locked case collection called the Oregon Cabinet houses many unusual books on Southern Oregon History.