JCLS is pleased to offer notary services at no charge in English and Spanish. Notary services are available by appointment only at these branches:

  • Ashland
  • Medford
  • White City (bilingual Spanish assistance)

To make an appointment, please use the “Book a Notary” form below.

Book a Notary

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    Please send an image of your documents ahead of time. This will help us understand what type of notarization is required.
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    This may delay services if the notary needs greater familiarity with the document types, or it becomes clear that the notary needs to refer you to a specialized service.
    Please fill this section out if you have opted to not upload any documents, and wait until you meet with the notary.

    Please be sure to read all information in the drop-down tabs below. If you have any questions, please contact notary@jcls.org.

    Public Notice:
    Jackson County Library Services staff notaries are not attorneys licensed to practice law. JCLS staff notaries are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.
    JCLS staff notaries do not charge a fee for notarial acts. This notice applies to services provided in English and Spanish.

    Doubt or Uncertainty

    Library notaries will not provide notarial services if the document or circumstances of the request for notary services raise any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt or uncertainty for the Library. In such an event, a Library notary may decline to provide services.

    Available Services

    Library notaries can perform the following acts

    • Acknowledgement
    • Verification of oath or affirmation
    • Witnessing or attesting a signature
    • Certifying to a copy of a document

    How to Prepare

    Do not sign your document until you are talking with a notary.

    Know what type of notarial act you need.
    Talk to the organization that requires notarization of your document(s).
    If you’re not sure, read the Notary Bulletin Most Common Types of Notarizations

    What to bring:
    Government-issued photo identification
    Driver License, Passport, or a credible witness who can provide valid photo identification and swear to or affirm your identity.
    All individuals signing a document must be present and provide valid photo identification, including minors.


    Library notaries are NOT able to

    • Notarize wills – Click HERE for more details.
    • Notarize I-9 or other immigration forms
    • Make or note a commercial protest
    • Make or certify copies of:
      • Birth certificates
      • Death certificates
      • Marriage certificates
      • Divorce certificates
    • Give advice about legal matters
    • Library staff cannot act as witnesses, and you may not solicit witnesses from patrons using the library

    Language Limitations

    Notaries must be able to read and understand what they have been asked to notarize.
    Notaries are unable to notarize documents in any languages other than English or Spanish.
    The notary and the individual whose documents are being notarized must be able to communicate directly without a translator.