“A Corset Won’t Kill You: Demystifying the 19th Century Woman’s Wardrobe”

Medford, Oregon (March 4, 2024) – Upcoming lecture “A Corset Won’t Kill You…” will go over the ever-changing styles of the 19th century on Wednesday, March 6, from 12:00-1:00 PM at the Medford Library and online. The discussion will happen again the following Wednesday, March 13, from 12:00-1:00 PM at the Ashland Library. From the underpinnings out, explore the ways societal norms, class differentials, self-expression, the Industrial Revolution, and even the invention of the bicycle impacted the world of fashion.

With 6 years of historical tailoring experience and over a decade of antique collecting under her belt, Cassidy Hausmann-Mason is excited to share her wealth of knowledge and help her audience to look past the myths, biases, and preconceptions that so often color discussions of the 19th century woman’s wardrobe.

The monthly Windows in Time lunchtime lectures feature well-known writers and historians and bring alive the people, values, and events that shaped our southern Oregon heritage. Lectures are jointly sponsored by the Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) and Jackson County Library Services. Programs are presented in Medford (first Wednesdays, in-person and online) and again in Ashland (second Wednesdays, in-person). Recordings of Medford presentations are available on the JCLS Beyond YouTube channel.