Ashland, Oregon (November 1, 2023) – The Ashland Library is celebrating the publishing of William Shakespeare’s First Folio this November. The library is offering a wide array of events to commemorate the First Folio published in 1623, nearly 8 years after Shakespeare’s death. Without the publishing of his First Folio, the world might have lost some of the Bard’s most beloved works. Starting today, patrons can participate in the fun throughout the month with lectures, crafting, music, and more around the era and publishing.

Nov. 1st – 30th: Sonnet or Insult, You Choose!

During Library Open Hours – All month long, you are invited to stop by the Ashland Library to pick up a sonnet or an insult, whichever you feel like today!

Nov. 14th: Barry Kraft Explores the First Folio

4 – 5 pm – Barry Kraft has been an actor and lecturer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 31 seasons, including dramaturg for nearly 60 productions. He will go over the folio editions where Shakespeare had a hand in writing about 40 plays, 36 of which are contained in the First Folio.

Nov. 16th: Make Your Own Commedia Dell’arte Mask

3 – 4:30 pm – These masks depict the different characters of Commedia dell’arte, a comedic theatre style that originated in Italy in the 1530s and was popular across Europe during the Renaissance.

Nov. 19th: Speak the Speech – Shakespeare Open Mic

3 – 4 pm – You are invited to read or recite a favorite Shakespearean sonnet, monologue, or soliloquy with a group of other Shakespeare lovers. Come with a reading prepared or pick up one of our suggestions for an impromptu recitation. Listeners are also welcome.

Nov. 28th: What Show is This? Evolving Approaches to Designing Shakespeare

4 – 5 pm – Staging Shakespeare has evolved over time and the way we approach designing Shakespeare’s plays says as much about the present as it might the past. We reflect on approaches to staging Shakespeare’s plays and consider how changing design trends reflect the zeitgeist of the moment with speaker Tara A. Houston. Houston is the Cultural and Community Liaison for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Nov. 30th: Music from Shakespeare’s Time with Musica Matrix

3 – 4 pm – Rebecca Bittner and Pat O’Scannell of local Renaissance and Medieval Music nonprofit Musica Matrix will play duets from Thomas Morley’s “Ayres or Little Short Songs” on recorder and viola da gamba.