Jackson County Library Services and the Center for Nonprofit Legal Services of Medford are working together to help community members prepare for their Naturalization Test by studying whenever and wherever is easiest for them. Our teams collaborated to create a Citizenship Web Course that offers the opportunity to study online from home or anywhere with internet access.

The Citizenship Web Course is available in English and Spanish, with videos that guide learners through all the questions they need to study to pass their Naturalization Test. These questions and answers come directly from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services study guide. After viewing each video, learners will practice answering the questions in simple quizzes.  The tutorials in the web course include Geography, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other amendments, the Civil War, the Government, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, U.S. History in the 1900s, Symbols & Celebrations, Equality & Freedom, and Interview Preparation for the official test.

Citizenship Web Course (English): https://my.nicheacademy.com/jcls/pathway/35726

Preparacion para el camino hacia la ciudadanía: https://my.nicheacademy.com/jcls/pathway/59781