Looking for an entertaining beach read this summer? From July 13-27, JCLS cardholders can join thousands of others around the globe in reading the ebook and audiobook of Sierra Godfrey’s A Very Typical Family for free without waiting on the Libby app or by visiting our website. Readers can then discuss online at https://biglibraryread.com/join-the-discussion/.

In the darkly humorous A Very Typical Family, Natalie Walker is the reason her older brother and sister went to prison over 15 years ago. She fled California shortly after that fateful night and hasn’t spoken to anyone in her family since. Now, Natalie receives a letter from a lawyer saying her estranged mother has died and left the family’s historic Santa Cruz house to her. The only way for Natalie and her siblings to inherit is for all three adult children to come back and claim it—together. Natalie drives cross-country to Santa Cruz expecting to sign some papers, see siblings Lynn and Jake briefly and get back to sorting out her life in Boston. But Jake is missing, and Lynn shows up with a teenage son. While Natalie and her nephew look for Jake—meeting a very handsome marine biologist who immediately captures her heart—she unpacks the guilt she has held onto for so many years, wondering how (or if) she can salvage a relationship with her siblings after all this time.

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