There are many things in this world that are amazing; but is there anything more wonderful than having a life altering experience that is so profound, it changes and informs you for the rest of your life? 

On Saturday, January 21, Jackson County Library Services will team up with the Rogue Valley Symphony to offer a free program for children ages six and up. Celebrating the music of Franz Schubert and the book Because by Mo Willems, this program is one of several offered by JCLS as part of Rogue Reads, a three-month program that encourages everyone in Jackson County to read and discuss the same books. Because is the Rogue Reads selection for younger children. If you’d like to get familiar with it before the Rogue Valley Symphony Event, you can watch a read aloud of it here.

Here’s my secret about the book Because: when I first read the story about a young girl who is inspired to become a musician after attending a concert featuring Schubert’s #8 in B minor; I thought to myself, I don’t think I’ve ever had a “Because” moment. I likened myself more to a leaf on a stream, whose journey took them whichever way the current went. Obviously, I was thinking of big, earth-shattering moments, like when someone decides they’re going to become a doctor after seeing something in a movie or on television. That is all well and good, and apparently happens to lots of people (not the doctor thing —knowing what you want to be when you grow up because of some life event), but while preparing to write this post and on further reflection, I realized “Because” moments do not have to be like a gigantic lightbulb going on inside you. They can be smaller decisions we make every day.  

Just this morning, for instance, pencil in hand, legal pad at the ready, I sat and wondered the best way to start this post. As I took a sip of freshly made tea, behold, every molecule in my body said “Ah yes! This was a good idea!” Because I decided to make myself a cup of tea, and because I took a moment to deeply appreciate and be grateful for those first couple of sips, inspiration struck on how to approach this piece! Amazing!  

When I take time to pay attention to the small things and try to stay open, it seems to have a ripple effect for all sorts of “Because moments. 

So, join JCLS and the Rogue Valley Symphony on Saturday, January 21 at the Craterian Theater in Medford to experience the power of music and the written word — a wonderful opportunity for children and families that, who knows, could become their very own “Because” moment. 

This program runs from 12:00 to 1:00, but doors will open at 11:30. For more information please visit