Jackson County Library Services joins the United Rotary Clubs of Southern Oregon as partner affiliates to bring the book gifting program to children ages 0-5 in Jackson County

Medford, Oregon (January 11, 2023) — Beginning this month, children ages five and under in Jackson County will be eligible to receive free books, thanks to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and a partnership between Jackson County Library Services (JCLS) and United Rotary Clubs of Southern Oregon (URCSO). 

The Imagination Library is a book gifting program that mails free, high-quality, age-appropriate books to children’s homes up until they reach age five, or school age. This new partnership ensures all children in Jackson County can have a broad selection of books at home.  

Inspired by her father’s inability to read and write, Dolly Parton started the Imagination Library in 1995 for the children within her home county. Today, her program mails more than one million free, high-quality books each month to children worldwide, no matter their family’s income. 

With over 12,000 children in Jackson County eligible, it will take a village to reach and enroll everyone in the program. Parents and caregivers can check their local library branch schedule for “Storytime” events, and visit their library to register their children for the Imagination Library. Enrollments can also be completed online at dollypartonimaginationlibrary.org

“Our vision is that through Jackson County Libraries, individuals reach their potential and communities thrive. This work starts with our very youngest library patrons,” said Carrie Turney Ross, JCLS Area Manager for Outreach and Programs. “Early literacy programs like the Imagination Library lead to a life-long love of reading and increased literacy rates in our schools and communities. JCLS is thrilled to bring Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to the children of Jackson County through the support of our partners and generous sponsors.” 

Jackson County was one of only three counties in Oregon that did not have the program available for children. The Imagination Library of Jackson County is made possible with support from AllCare, the Ford Foundation, and private donors who helped launch this program; it costs $26 per child per year, with absolutely no cost to families receiving the books. If you wish to donate and assure this program’s future, please go to jacksoncountyDPIL.com

For more information, please contact your local library branch.  


About Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library  

Since launching in 1995, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has become the preeminent early childhood book gifting program in the world. The flagship program of The Dollywood Foundation has mailed well over 100 million free books in Australia, Canada, The Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. The Imagination Library mails more than 1.4 million high-quality, age-appropriate books each month to registered children from birth to age five. Dolly envisioned creating a lifelong love of reading, inspiring them to dream. The impact of the program has been widely researched and results suggest positive increases in key early childhood literacy metrics. Penguin Random House is the exclusive publisher for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. For more information, please visit imaginationlibrary.com.