Welcome to our new library catalog.

On Monday, April 19, we migrated to a new catalog to better serve you, our patrons, which did not go as smoothly as planned. This is impacting the usual level of service that you expect from your library. Some examples of the issues you may encounter are the cover art when you search for a book not matching the title of the book, and maybe a hold you thought you canceled has reappeared on your account. Most frustratingly, you come to the library to pick up your hold and the book isn’t on the shelf for you, and staff can’t find it, or it isn’t the book you placed the hold on.

We share your frustrations on our end and are working with our new vendor to resolve all of these issues as quickly as possible. Once we get over these hurdles, we believe that you will find the searching functions, display information, and integration with our library resources to be much improved.

In the meantime, I want to offer a few tips to ease your frustration. If you have been notified that an item is being held for you, before going to your library, call to confirm that it is ready or log in to your account to check. When logging in, please note that PINs have been changed to the last 4 digits of the telephone number we have on record for you. This can be changed from your account settings after logging in. For other issues you may encounter with your account or with the catalog, please Contact Us.

Thank you for being a library user and for your patience.


Library Director