Our libraries are in a unique position in our community, with lowered barriers for patrons to utilize our services. We want to create an environment where we are not penalizing, criminalizing, or stigmatizing poverty, which will allow our libraries to be truly accessible and welcoming for all. To better facilitate this, the library has a full-time social worker on staff as a resource for children, teen, and adult patrons seeking support and referral to resources that address mental health challenges, food or housing insecurity, and more.

Library Services

The library is pleased to offer referrals for help with the following services:

  • Affordable Housing Applications
  • Shelter/ Temporary Housing
  • OHP/ Healthcare Marketplace Assistance
  • Substance Use Treatment Information 
  • Assistance filing for Unemployment 
  • SNAP Assistance

Outside Services

Find the help you are looking for with resources for food, housing, health care, and more from many great outside service providers.

Contact our Community Resources Team

Need assistance, or didn’t find what you are looking for? Reach out to our amazing Community Resources team at JCLS.