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Find yourself in a reading slump? Not sure what book to tackle next? Don’t think of yourself as a reader? Novelist Plus is here to help!

For 30 years, Novelist has been working to connect the right book to the right person and it does so in a variety of ways. 

  • Find yourself on the waiting list for a book you really want to read? Novelist provides read-a-like lists to help you find similar books that are great reads while you wait
  • Prefer nonfiction or documentaries? Novelist has curated lists on a variety of topics such as True Crime, History, and Nature and Science
  • Very particular about what you read? Search by appeal factors, such as character-focused, plot-heavy, pace, and tone
  • An audiobook listener who enjoys particular narrators? You can search by narrator as well as title or author
  • Not sure what you’re looking for? Novelist has all sorts of unique lists created by librarians that you can browse

For parents and kids, check out Novelist Plus K-8, which provides the same great services that Novliest Plus does, but only features books for this audience.

Check out Novelist Plus and Novelist Plus K-8 to discover your next favorite book. Happy reading!