OverDrive is sunsetting their self-titled legacy app. Now over a decade old, support ends on May 1, 2023. OverDrive developed the Libby app to take its place. Developed in 2017, Libby allows users to continue to enjoy accessing digital books, and audiobooks from the library.

Libby is available as a free app, both for smartphones and tablets. Computer users can enjoy reading and listening on the Libby website. It is also available for most Kindle Fire users. The instructions for installing Libby on Kindle Fire tablets can be found here.

Libby brings to the table all the great features of the OverDrive app, with a more modern, easy-to-use design. Users no longer need to choose a file format after downloading; the title is immediately available after checkout. Borrowed titles can be enjoyed on mobile devices, even in the absence of Internet access. Libby functions as both an e-book reader and audiobook player. The app can synchronize your lists, play audiobooks in your car (via Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto) and has enhanced reading features such as extra-large font sizes, screen reader compatibility, dyslexic fonts, and different lighting modes to reduce eye strain.

If you haven’t upgraded to Libby yet, now is the time to familiarize yourself with all its great features. Detailed information regarding the phaseout of the legacy OverDrive app and the transition to Libby can be found here. If you want to upgrade to Libby, but need help, the digital services department can assist you. Call 541-734-3990, or email us at digitalservices@jcls.org to make a one-on-one appointment at your nearest branch.