For many of us, Summer Reading is a ritual part of warm days and the bright sunshine of summer. Children look forward to participating and earning a new book and having a chance to win fun prizes. Innovative and exciting programs are offered, and it’s a chance for children and families to get together and spend time with old friends and meet new ones.   

On top of all that, Scholastic Books cites research that shows reading just six books over the summer months can make a difference in keeping students on track when they return to the classroom. A great way to avoid the summer slide is to schedule regular trips to the library and take the Summer Reading Challenge! 

Last year COVID put a bit of a damper on what we could offer through library services, but it’s a new year and we are ready to start bringing back some of the fun and excitement of what Summer Reading used to be. 

Here are some ideas on how to get involved and find out what is happening at your local library. 

1.  Learn about the Summer Reading program and sign up! We have tried to make it accessible to as many people as possible, so have switched to an online sign-up through If you prefer to log your books manually, you can download a reading log or visit your local library and we’ll do it for you. 

2. Every library in Jackson County carries event guides. Pop in and pick one up! Event guides are an awesome resource for discovering all the amazing events and programs that are happening throughout the district. You can also access the event guide online by clicking here.

3. Visit your local library and ask about the Summer Reading program. We are always happy to share information with you and walk you through the process of signing up, or even set it up for you. 

As a children’s librarian, I tend to focus a lot on children and families, but Summer Reading is for everyone! There are great teen and adult programs going on as well. What I love about Summer Reading is that, while it is a system-wide program, every branch has a different take on it. This year’s theme is Readers are Leaders and our libraries will be offering an abundance of programs that go along with this theme. Here’s the best part, you don’t have to belong to that branch to participate in one of their programs. The programs are for everyone, no matter where you live. How cool is that?! So do a little traveling this summer and visit a library in Jackson County that you have never been to before. All our libraries are fabulous and they would love to see you and welcome you to their branch. 

I know I’ll look forward to meeting new friends and seeing fresh faces in the Ashland Library this summer. For some children’s book suggestions of readers who became leader’s checkout the book list titled Readers are Leaders.

Happy reading and happy summer everyone!