As many of you know, the library has gone back to front door service. I recognize what a disappointment this to many of the children and families in our Valley. I am so sorry that the coronavirus has reared its ugly head in our region, forcing us all to protect ourselves and our neighbors by staying at home and away from our favorite places. Nevertheless, the library is still here for you!

I’m happy to say we have a tool designed especially for our browsers of ALL ages. Just fill out this form and we’ll send you a personally curated list of materials that are available in the library. When you receive your list, all you need to do is place holds on the items that sound good to you. You can view more information about this in Kristin Anderson’s blog post titled JCLS Discovery Services.

 In addition, storytime shorts like the one at the end of this blog post are still being created and a new one is posted every Monday at

Take & Make Kits are still available and can be picked up (just like the books you have put on hold) at the front door of your nearest branch.

This week the Ashland Library is offering a Take & Make featuring a snowperson thermometer craft. If you can’t get to Ashland to pick up this craft, I discovered that the Dollar Tree has their own snowman craft kit available. Most retail stores sell small thermometers for a refrigerator or freezer that you can use to easily re-create this craft at home.

Here are some steps for making it a success:

Gather your supplies. You’ll need some glue and a pair of scissors. The kit contains everything else you need to complete this craft.

Snowperson craft collection

The instruction tells us to glue the thermometer on first. Mine was on there a little crooked, but that’s okay. The glue doesn’t dry right away, so I was able to straighten it out.

Gluing a thermometer to the snowperson shape

Next glue the snowperson’s hat together.

Two pieces glued together to form a hat

Add the hat to the top of your snowperson.

Snowperson outline with the hat glued on top

Take the piece that is supposed to be the scarf and cut a little fringe at the ends.

Cutting fringe on the scarf material

Glue on the scarf and the mittens. Don’t forget the cuffs of the mittens (that’s what those little white pieces are)! Glue them on next.

Snowperson with mittens

Add the googly eyes and carrot nose.

Snowperson with eyes and nose glued on

Finally, glue on the little snowflake and pompom for the hat.

Snowperson thermometer with hat, scarf and mittens

TA- DA! Your snowperson thermometer is done!

Use this friendly little person to have some fun with winter science. Take them outside and see how cold it is in the shade. Put them in the sun and see if the temperature changes. How cold is your refrigerator? Your freezer? The bedrooms compared to the living room? As a former homeschooling mom, I was always looking for ways to incorporate science into our everyday lives.

The library is full of terrific resources for the budding scientist in your life. Check out the list titled Fun with Science in our library catalog.

The library also has a Library of Things where you can check out a microscope, telescope, home birding kit, metal detector, so many cool items! When you have a chance, look at all the stuff we have to offer.

Just remember… don’t despair, the library is here!