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Spark Space: Coding

Spark Space is a STEM center for kids and teens.

Coding at Spark Space

Coding helps kids develop academic skills while building qualities like focus, grit, and confidence. Coding paves a path to the future, and Spark Space will support you every step of the way!

Our Digital Workstations

Motivated learners can access beginner-friendly tutorials and resources for independent learning and coding projects, including:

Hour of Code

Try a one-hour tutorial designed for any age, interest, or skill level.

Khan Academy

Learn the basics with free introductory programming courses in HTML/CSS, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and more.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Create, code, and manage a responsive website with Dreamweaver’s simplified coding engine, built-in code hints, tutorials, and visual aids.

More experienced learners can advance their skills with access to BlueJ and Thonny integrated development environments (IDEs) and text or code editors like Notepad++ or Thimble.

Learn to Code with Robots

When programming a robot, kids get instant feedback on whether their code is successful, while also learning sequencing, estimation, building skills, creative problem-solving, logic, and computational thinking.

Spark Space has robots for kids as young as 5 and for all skill levels, including Blue-Bot™, Makey Makey®, The Finch™, and Arduino® Circuit Kits.

Learn to code at Spark Space

●     Build interactive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
●     Learn programming languages to control a robot
●     Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations with Scratch
●     Build a mobile app with Java
●     Design games with Python