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Staff Vision

Our libraries are a thread of daily connection for thousands of residents. They are the places where everyone is welcome to learn and flourish. The library is the free place where the constant and complex changes of life, from beginning to end, can be better understood through access to trusted information, from a safe place where public service shines.

The current JCLS five-year strategic plan expires at the end of the year. Since October we’ve met in every library with our Friends, patrons and many more to gain insights about the most pressing areas of focus and need for library services and resources. As staff we are very engaged in the process and in April we expect to present to the Library District Board of Directors strategies to achieve their 2016 – 2021 priority goals.

On this page you will find a synthesis of our internal conversations and perspective. Emphasizing staff experience and observation about the ever-changing landscape of information needs, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve friends, families and visitors throughout Jackson County.


Questions we asked ourselves

The staff explored the following questions and arrived at common threads represented in the word clouds.


How would you explain to someone the idea that libraries equal the idea of education?

How could we provide better support for people who want to continue their self-directed education and learning?

What plans should we make to enhance programs? Keeping in mind economic, social and technology trends.

What plans should we make to improve ways to help people find information and conduct research?

Quick Links

Staff Working Together During Visioning Sessions


JCLS 2014-2015 Statistics

Synthesis of Staff Vision for Strategic Plan

The following synthesis reflects an annotated list of ideas from library staff. These ideas were captured during visioning sessions conducted between Oct 2015 and Nov 2015. 


Access to technology, digital media and collaborative environments

  • state of the art computers and software
  • digital media training and production tools
  • high tech for meeting rooms to accommodate virtual meetings

Access to information

  • expanded data base collections and research services
  • expanded resources in all formats and media to be an informed citizen
  • amplify the library’s marketing channels and public relations efforts
  • continue emphasis on the library buildings as connecting places for digital and physical information

Access to business opportunity

  • support business and non-profit organizations to have what they need to start, grow and sustain
  • provide opportunities for industry training, and exploration of career pathways
  • support local employers with workforce training linked to area workforce training systems
  • business competitor research
  • understanding bigger market opportunities for emerging and existing businesses

Access to life-long learning and academic programming

  • cross generational technology training from a corps of volunteers
  • expanded book clubs, language courses for all ages and all needs
  • deep connections to classrooms to help students and teacher succeed
  • more youth enrichment programs – with emphasis in science, technology, engineering, arts
  • and mathematics (STEAM curriculum), games based learning
  • digital arts connected to our performing arts
  • address the need for more staff at all levels of the library system to build capacity for public demand


Opportunities for guidance

  • create young readers with early literacy priorities and maintain focus on information literacy
  • adult, teen and family literacy support, and welcome space for new immigrants to get all the support necessary to be successful citizens
  • onboard a social services professional to ensure the most effective ways to support those in need
  • help with local history and genealogy endeavors through the Genealogical Library partnerships
  • ready reference from information professionals, fast facts and deep diving
  • help with grant writing
  • leverage furniture, fixtures and equipment to support full access for those with disabilities
  • help with resume development, centralized job postings and career counseling
  • continue to promote the library as the place to make face to face connections
  • sound referrals to other community based resources and support systems