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Census 2020

What matters to you? Schools? Transportation? Hospitals? Data from the US Census Bureau help inform planning efforts for all these important resources. You count. Get counted.


What is the Census?

You've probably heard about it, but maybe you don't really know exactly what it is or what it means for you. A national census is taken every ten years. It seems to establish information about the population, where people are living, and what their needs are. For example, where should schools be built and how many students can be expected to attend? How should road networks be designed and maintained to best serve residents? It also determines how much federal funding goes to the state government to provide for its population to provide critical services. Additional Census data is used to determine how many seats a State has in Congress so that the voice of its people can be heard. The Census data is not used to establish or check citizenship and remains confidential.

Why does it matter?

The information gleaned from Census results is used for planning infrastructure (like schools and hospitals) and allocating money to provide for services. If ones fail to report for the Census, then needed monies to provide for them are not received, and they are not accurately represented in planning and legislature. This means State and local resources are stretched and services may not be able to reach all those who might need them. For the health and wellbeing of you, as well as your community and neighbors, your response is needed!

How do I get counted?

To participate in the Census, respond to the Census form that you have or will receive, Online, by phone, or by mail. It's that easy! If you need help there are resources available on this page and at the Census Website.


Love Oregon. Make It Count.