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Programs at the Library

A rundown of all the regularly scheduled programs happening at your local libraries

Applegate/Ruch How-to-Fest

Discover the passions and hobbies of your community with free presentations and workshops!

The last event, held on Saturday, September 22, was a great success! Thank you so much to all of our presenters and attendees. We look forward to the next How-to-Fest, so please check back here and in the Event Guide for the announcement for 2019, until then, enjoy a look back at 2018.

Bombproofing a HorseKnittingFire Engine

2018 How-to-Fest Events

Applegate Excavation & Fence

Applegate Fire Station

Anything Can Be a Miniature

Learn to Start Your Family Tree

Bombproofing a Horse

Sugarbob Goes to the Lodge

Wooden Boxes

A Brief History of Surfing

How to Propagate Rose Cuttings in a Potato