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New Catalog Information: About

Welcome to the new library catalog!

New Catalog, New Features

We are happy to announce a brand-new library catalog has arrived! This new user experience aims to make searching, sharing, organizing, and exploring all the library has to offer easier than ever.

It all starts with the new search tool, designed to work exactly like you have come to expect from the rest of the web. Enter a term in plain English and get the results you want, even include terms like "books for kids" to apply automatic filters when searching, making it easier and more rewarding to find just what you are looking for.

With user reviews and ratings collected from other libraries around the world, you can see how others liked a book and view a brief spoiler-free synopsis. You can also get suggestions on what to read next, and, of course, share your own opinion, all from within the library catalog itself.

To keep it all organized, you can create lists of books you've read, want to read, or think others should try for themselves, and we don't just mean books in our system.

Finally, in addition to the books, movies, music, and periodicals that are part of the library's physical collection, you can browse, checkout, and download books from the Library2Go digital collection as well, all neatly integrated within your one library account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have some questions about our new catalog? Here's are some common ones and their answers. If you still have questions, ask at your local branch for more information, or contact us online at

Why do I need to register?

Since this catalog is a new service the library is providing, users have to be aware of and agree to the terms of use.

How do I create an account?

In the top right, click Log In/My JCLS.
Click Log In/Register.
Enter in your barcode and current PIN or password.
The site will prompt you to register an account.

(Watch a video on registration above)

Why do I need a username?

The username will show if you post content through the new site’s social features, so don’t put any personally identifiable information there. It also makes logging in easier because you can choose your username, but you can still log in with your barcode if you prefer.

Will other people be able to see my borrowing history?

No. Your borrowing history will never be shared with others. The new catalog has a lot of social features, but they are completely optional. If you do nothing different with the new catalog than you did with the previous one, none of your activity will show. It’s only when you add comments or add titles to your shelves that your activity is shared publicly and even then, you can make all of your shelves private to only you.

Will my personal information be shared?

Your personal information will never be shared, and is only used for account functionality. The privacy statement and terms of use are both available at the bottom of every page.

How do I find my account to renew books?

In the top right, click Log In/My JCLS. Follow the log-in prompts.
From the drop-down menu,
Click “Checked Out.”
You can either renew individually by clicking “renew”, or use the checkboxes to renew selected titles.

Once you log in, you’ll see your dashboard. This is a summary of your account. Checked Out and On Hold are visible in the top left under My Borrowing. Click each box to view more and manage borrowing.

How do I search?

In the top-right, click the box next to the magnifying glass. Type in your search terms - you can use the keyword search for title, author, and subject searches, then click the magnifying glass to search.

What's the difference between shelves and lists?

Shelves are a way to track your own reading - For Later, In Progress, and Completed. Lists are for sharing recommendations.
(You can also mention some lists they might want to check out to get recommendations!)

Where are my lists?

To find your lists, click on your username in the upper right corner. Choose "For Later Shelf". This page will either display the titles you previously had on lists, or it will give you the option to import them now. You can print this list, then use that printout to help you re-organize the titles into lists. To do that, click on your username in the upper right corner. Choose "Lists". 

How do I access the catalog?

You can start your catalog search right from the home page - you just click once on the search icon, and you start typing your search. To access all your account functions, log in and click “My Library Dashboard” - it’ll show borrowing, account activity, recommendations!

How do I search by title? (or author, or subject)

The keyword search will cover most of what you need for title, author, and subject searches.

How do I find material to put on hold?

Click the “Search” button in the top right, or use any of the browse pages to see recommendations and new titles.
From the search results, you’ll see a “place hold” button. If you’re logged in, you’ll be able to place a hold. If you’re not logged in, you will be prompted to log in.

How do I see what material I've taken out in the past?

As Jackson County Library Services do not keep records of your borrowing without your permission, you’ll need to enable borrowing history if you want to keep a record of this. Under the account menu, click “Settings”, and then Borrowing History to enable your borrowing history.

Will I need to update my favorites link?

Yes, the new catalog will be accessible at a new web address. You will need to delete your old catalog link and replace it with the new in order to access the new catalog.

How do I log out?

Click on your username in the upper right corner to see the drop-down menu. Near the top of that menu (underneath "My Account") there is a link to "Log Out". Click on that and you're good to go.