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     "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Elvis Costello                                                  


Four Reasons McCa Matters


 The release today of the full Amoeba Gig from 2007 got me thinking about something I've expressed verbally, but never put in writing.Those four reasons would, in actuality, be four songs that illustrate our theme; what makes MCca different from other aging rockers from the same generation? It's really the same thing that helped make the Beatles what they were - they never stood still, and neither has McCartney.

1. Doesn't Get Old - Drive My Car/Rubber Soul 1965

This song is completely timeless. I remember listening to a DJ in about 1977 or 78 describe it as sounding fresh, and more than 40 years later that's still the case. In fact, the currently playing film Yesterday is entirely built around that premise, that if everybody forgot the Beatles and heard those Lennon/McCartney songs for the first time in 2019 they'd still resonate.

2. Quirky Creativity - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey/RAM 1971

It always sounds like McCartney, but it isn't the same old same old. 

3. Still Rocking - Cut Me Some Slack/Sound City-Real to Reel 2013

There was that Kisses on the Bottom thing, but he's not backing down either.

4. Keeping it Fresh - Come On to Me/Egypt Station 2018

Sometimes there's an inevitable Beatleness about Sir Pauls tunes (2013's New) but this one sounds like what it is - a pop song from 2018.


Eric Molinsky selects and purchases music for JCLS. He considers himself a musician, since he once sold a guitar because he needed the money.

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