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JCLS Meeting Rooms: Room Information

Book your next event or get-together at your local library's community meeting room for low cost and convenience. Free for advertised non-profit events.

JCLS Meeting Rooms

Most JCLS libraries have one or more meeting rooms that may be reserved by individuals and groups. If you are interested in reserving a room you may use the online booking tool (not yet available in all branches) to reserve a time for your meeting. All you need to get started is a full-service library card. For more information about a meeting room, or to contact the library, click on the name of the branch in the booking box.

Do you like the idea of booking online? Online booking is being rolled out to all branches this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge rent to use a community meeting room?

No. A full-service library card in good standing is required to make a reservation for one of the rooms. This means that at least one member of a group requesting use of the room must have a full-service library card. For more information on obtaining a library card, please see the Library Card page. There is a limit of five reservations per month per user. For full details, please review the Meeting Room Policy document.

Is a security deposit required?

JCLS does not require a security deposit to reserve a community meeting room. Groups and individuals who use the meeting rooms are guests of the Library, and their use of the space should reflect that understanding. Library meeting rooms must be restored to their original clean condition and users of library meeting rooms agree to pay for any damages to library property. Privilege may be revoked for non-compliance with JCLS Policy and all posted library rules.

Is there free parking at the libraries?

Most JCLS branches have free parking.

The City of Medford provides the public with some free parking spaces in lots surrounding the Medford Library. Time limits are strictly enforced. For additional information visit the City of Medford Downtown Parking.

The Ashland Library has limited parking available behind the library and on side streets.

What if I want to use the meeting rooms when the library is closed?

Library community meeting rooms may be rented for events to be held at hours when the library is closed. For meeting room access when the library is closed, you must pick up a key before your event. The meeting organizer must make arrangements with the local branch for access. The key must be picked up on the last open library day prior to the event.

A key card is required to enter the Medford Library when the library is closed and must be picked up the day prior to your event (or on Friday for a weekend event), at the Library Business Office during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The meeting room doors are on a timer and will unlock five minutes before your scheduled time of use.

Who is responsible for setting up the room?

Individuals and organizations using library facilities are responsible for room setup and cleanup. Organizations not leaving the room in its original clean condition will be charged for clean-up.

May we have food in the rooms?

Food is permitted in meeting rooms, but alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or on library property unless prior written authorization has been obtained from the Library Director. Approval will be subject to compliance with any laws and regulations of the State of Oregon, and may require proof of insurance.

How do I cancel my reservation?

You may cancel a reservation online using your email confirmation notice. Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to your reservation time. You may also contact the JCLS library directly to cancel.

Additional Information

  • Rooms are reserved for full hours only
  • Set-up and takedown time must be included in the reservation period
  • Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior to reservation time

Special Use

With special permission, JCLS may make its facilities available for nonstandard usage, that is, usage that goes beyond standard meetings, trainings, receptions, and other like events. Examples of nonstandard usage are:

  • Use that includes the presence of animals.
  • Provision of health services.
  • Introduction of oversize materials, large equipment and/or decorations that have the potential to damage the facilities or its furnishings.

Requestors should be aware that purchase of an insurance rider shall be required for nonstandard usage.  Information on how to purchase insurance can be found at  The vendor ID Code is OB11-897. Contact your branch library for more information.