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JCLS Media Resources: Branding

The latest news and information about the JCLS system.

JCLS Media Resources

About Jackson County Library Services

The Mission of the Jackson County Library District is to connect everyone to information, ideas, and each other.

Jackson County Library Services receives dedicated funding through the Jackson County Library District (JCLD), which was formed in 2014. The JCLD contracts with Library Systems & Services to operate Jackson County libraries with an innovative and professional staff.

Library Centennial

As our 100th year as a library system advances our celebrations are kicking into high gear, headlined by a brand new JCLS logo. The idea took root in the fall of 2018 and now a year later it has come into fruition, a symbol of where our libraries have been and where they are going.

Thinking about the modern vitality of libraries and the way that contends with the stereotypes of libraries, refreshing our image is a building block in our mission to reinvigorate the library’s visibility in our community, sparking imaginations and new conversations.

Developing a new logo is a conversation with the past and future, an attempt to balance timelessness with something new and exciting. In designing our new logo we thought about the natural beauty of Jackson County and our vast array of outdoors activities. We visualized libraries as something that lives and breathes. And we wanted to pay homage to the tree featured on the logo we were replacing. These elements coalesced into an icon of a book in movement, the abstraction and connection of nature to learning. A good logo becomes an instant identifier; you see it and think of the company or organization it represents. Studies have shown that people begin to identify logos as early as 2 years old. We hope over the years that this icon becomes synonymous with the libraries of Jackson County and the role they have played over the course of your life.​

Branding Package

The following images may be saved for media use.


Primary JCLS LogoAlternative Blue LogoJCLS B&W Logo

JCLS B&W Alternative LogoJCLS Logo Alternative 2

Library Cards

Bigfoot Library CardBruno Library CardLost in a Book Library CardMixtape Mastery Library CardMonsterland Library CardReturn of Astro Library Card