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MCC Contests: 2018 Costume Contest Winners

2018 Costume Contest Winners

Saturday Categories

Best Overall: Jawa
Best Character Representation: Harry Potter
Best Craftmanship: Edward Elric
Honorable Mention: Bendy
Best Youth: Supergirl

Best Overall: Nightmare Before Christmas
Best Character Representation: Georgie & IT
Best Craftmanship: Chandalore & Lampent
Honorable Mention: Eliza & Alexander Hamilton

Magical Creatures
Best Overall: Totoro
Best Character Representation: Aquaman
Best Craftmanship: Edward Elric​
Honorable Mention: From Unicorn Girl

AUDIENCE FAVORITE: Cuphead, Mugman, King Dice

Sunday Categories

Best Overall: Zelda
Best Character Representation: Dave Strider
Best Craftmanship: Toga
Honorable Mention: Phone Guy

Best Overall: Peley the Dragon
Best Character Representation: Miku
Best Craftmanship: Darth Vader
Honorable Mention: Vi 

Best Overall: Wonderland
Best Character Representation: Super Mario Family
Best Craftmanship: Knightingale Watch
Honorable Mention: Sound Euphorium 

AUDIENCE FAVORITE: Joyce Byers (Stranger Things) 

Medford Comic Con 2018 Costume Contest