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Medford Comic Con About Pages: Policies

Medford Comic Con is the largest library event in Oregon. Come learn about its origins and expectations for this year.


Medford Comic Con is one of the largest library events in Oregon history.  Please see below for guidelines on conduct and weapons that must be followed in addition to Jackson County Library Services (JCLS) Policies.  

Visit HERE for Library Policies.

See the FAQs page for more information. 

Weapons and Props Policy

The Medford Comic Con is a safe, family friendly, free event.  To ensure this, below is a clarification of what will be defined as a weapon vs. a prop.  

Fake weapons and props are allowed within the Comic Con and are the responsibility of the owner at all times. All props are subject to review by security.


If you bring a prop with you, we ask that you have it approved at the peace-bonding station before entering the convention. Props that have been inspected and approved will have an indicator of such on them. Anyone with a prop that has not been inspected will be directed to one of the peace-bonding tables. Peace-bonding stations will be located outside the main doors of the library, located off South Central Ave and Riverside Avenue, as well as at a table in Parking Lot A, near the vendors located outside.  

Weapons with a metal blade may be allowed as long as it is sheathed and unable to be drawn.  No bare blades are allowed at the Medford Comic Con.

Any imitation gun such as “NERF”, paintball, airsoft, or water guns must have the firing mechanism disabled, and be unloaded. We ask that you do not bring ammo for any type of fake gun. Any item resembling a firearm must have an orange tip. Orange tape will be provided at the weapons/props tables, if needed.

Bow and arrows must have the arrows zip tied together and have the tips removed; unless they are plastic in which case the tips may remain intact. Shooting of an arrow is prohibited and will result in the removal of the prop by staff.  

Do not brandish props in a threatening manner, posing is allowed within reason and subject to review by staff. Swords may be drawn while posing for a picture. Please be aware of how your actions appear to security and staff.

There will be no tolerance for harassment or inappropriate behavior, and any violators will be asked to leave immediately. Please notify staff if you see any violations. Keep props within the convention, it is your responsibility to put away any props when leaving and be aware that others might not know they are fake.  

Anyone who brings a prop not deemed to be within the guidelines will be asked to leave immediately. If you are not willing to abide by these rules, we ask that you do not bring a prop.