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Library of Things: Welcome

The Library of Things is more than just books, including musical instruments and lendable technology for your everyday life.

Welcome to the Library of Things

While a library is most commonly associated with the idea of books and periodicals–and rightfully so–it encompasses so much more than just those items. A library is a center of learning, a gathering place for community members, and strives to provide the tools and teach the skills people need to fully enrich their lives. To that end, we are happy to introduce you to JCLS's Library of Things. Have a look around and reserve whatever it is you want.

Wireless Hotspots

Access to the Internet is often associated with public libraries, but we're taking that to a whole other level by offering wireless hotspots available for checkout, so you can have Internet access wherever you go for those times you really need it, two weeks at a time.

Sewing Machine

Take on the sewing projects you've always wanted to with access to a modern sewing machine to help you along, without the expense (and storage) that comes with ownership!


Learning a musical instrument is considered to be an excellent way to keep the brain active and engaged, therefore why not try learning the ukulele? One of the easiest instruments to learn, you can take one home with you, or join the group for a jam session.


Pass a quiet evening with a puzzle, great for one person or for a whole group. Browse the growing collection and reserve one today to be shipped to your local branch.


Have you ever wished you could have a curated reading list with a bunch of books you've always wanted, but packaged in so as to avoid breaking your back carting around (and keeping track of) a huge stack of books? We've got a Kindle for just such an occasion.

Kill-A-Watt Monitor

Wondering where all that electricity went last month? Borrow one of our Kill-O-Watt monitors, plug it into an outlet and see precisely how much current is drawn by your devices. Use that knowledge to find ways to better manage consumption and lower your bill.