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Library of Things: Kindle

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Borrow a Kindle

Reading Becomes Electric

Reading Becomes Electric is a program that lets you borrow a Kindle eReader from the library for three weeks worth of reading enjoyment. Each of our Kindles come pre-loaded with an assortment of materials, from popular fiction to timeless classics, informative non-fiction, as well as highly reviewed but lesser-known indie titles that you won't find in print. That means you get a bunch of books (over 40 titles) to take with you on one device that just counts as a single checkout. It's a whole new kind of light reading!

What It Is

A Kindle is an eReader device built by Amazon. It features an e-ink screen, which uses an ink-like display technology to form the text and images on a matte textured screen, making it much like paper and virtually eliminating glare as experienced with a traditional LCD screen. The other advantage of this technology is that it is entirely possible for the Kindle to retain a charge throughout the three-week checkout period (a charging cable is still included). It's also extremely lightweight and highly portable.

How It Works

You request the Kindle online by selecting its listing in the catalog when searching "kindle eReader" or one of the titles preloaded on the device. We'll send it out to your local branch library loaded with all the titles currently on offer, not just the one you searched for. Make it a challenge to read them all, or just a few, it doesn't impact your checkout total. After three weeks, or you've read all you want to, drop it off inside any of our 15 branch locations (returning inside instead of in the book drops will avoid possible damage).

Kits include the Kindle, case, and charging cable and must all be returned together. Available to library card holders over 18, in good standing.