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Library District: JCLD Home

Welcome to the Jackson County Library District's online home.

Jackson County Library District

Libraries For All

On May 20, 2014, the voters of Jackson County approved the formation of a Special Library District, breathing new life into our 15-branch public library system. With dedicated funding, Jackson County's public libraries have a promising future and so do our patrons!

The Jackson County Library District (JCLD) is an independent unit of local government dedicated to library operations in Jackson County. The library system operates as Jackson County Library Services.

The District is governed by an independent, unpaid Board of Directors elected by the local community.

What is more important in a library than anything else—than everything else—is the fact that it exists. —Archibald MacLeish

Board Meetings

The Jackson County Library District Board meets regularly on the second Thursday of each month in the Adams Community Meeting Room at the Medford Branch Library, 205 S Central Avenue. The agenda for the upcoming meeting is typically posted on the Friday before. Occasionally, the Board may have special meetings to discuss specific topics or public hearings as required by law.

Agendas for those meetings, as well as the packet of supplementary information prepared for each meeting, will also be posted with the associated meeting on the calendar. Once meeting minutes are approved by the Board, those will be posted online as well.