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Digital Services: Introductions

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About Digital Services

Greetings! We are the Digital Services team at JCLS: Laura Irwin, Marisa Dixon, Jacob Spilman, and Eric Molinsky. We are here to help you with all of your digital services needs. This includes, but is not limited to, Library2Go, Hoopla, and Overdrive. Our home base is Medford, but we are visiting most library branches in Jackson County on a weekly basis. Below, you'll find a brief introduction to each member of our team. We look forward to seeing you and helping you with your technology-related questions, bewilderment, concerns, and fears.

Our Team

Laura Irwin has an eclectic background and has had the opportunity to learn a wide variety of subjects over the years. She’s had the chance to learn how to (mostly) bend computers to her will, as well as how to use numerous nifty gadgets. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in music and enjoys singing and dancing when no one is looking. She began working for the library system in 2009 and has had the fortune to gain experience in many different aspects of the library system, and she hopes to always be a part of the library world because it’s her favorite place to be.

Marisa Dixon is a nerd in every sense of the word: she reads science fiction, plays far too many video games, and earned her Bachelor's degree in mathematics (with a focus in elliptic curve cryptography–say THAT five times fast!). When she's not working or gaming or reading, she's most likely helping her husband with one of his passion projects, most of which involve some sort of Artificial Intelligence, or researching the latest technological advances in computers and consoles. She lives in Medford with her husband and their three dogs (a household total of 15 legs, if you can figure out that math).​

Jacob Spilman was born and raised in the southern Oregon region. From a young age he was interested in technology, whether it was disassembling his Super Nintendo, building a personal computer or editing school film projects. Before working with the library system, he primarily worked with the mental health population in various occupations assisting people in the community. When not tinkering with technology, he enjoys spending time with his wife, cooking, playing music, watching B-movies and traveling abroad.​

Eric Molinsky learned about computers and the internet during the last decade of the 20th century at a public library. He joined JCLS in 2001, and has done it all from shelving to branch management, and was an early adopter of digital reading technology. In 2011 he was involved in the creation of Patron Technical Support, now superseded by the Digital Services department, which he supervises from his lonely but tech-laden office on the eighth floor of the Medford Library Tower. He enjoys reading narrative history, fiction by writers who know how to turn a phrase, and adding to his archive of digital music. He lives in Medford with his wife and son, both of whom are smarter than he is.

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