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Learn Spanish the Multi-Layered Way Using Library eResources

by Josh Commander on 2019-06-10T17:28:00-07:00 | Comments

In the previous blog entry, we surveyed a variety of great subscription databases that you have access to as a library-card holder, as well as where to go for helpful tutorials on how to use those databases. In this blog, the second in the series on library databases, we will zero in on a much more specific subject: which library subscription databases to use in order to help you learn the Spanish language (or improve your facility with it).

While this post will focus exclusively on library databases that provide access to Spanish-language resources, I want to briefly call attention to the list that inspired this blog as there are additional library resources featured there in the form of traditional books, audio courses, audiobooks, video courses, and DVDs. As mentioned in that list, language acquisition is most successfully achieved via immersion—so the more resources at your disposal, and the greater the variety, the better!


To access most of the databases we will be previewing in this post, you will simply go to, hover your cursor over Research, and click All Databases.


For a select few others (Hoopla, Library2Go, Digitalia), however, you will need to hover over Books & More and select Digital Content. I’ve also included links to each of the featured databases, and their associated resources, in the profiles listed below.


Learn Spanish – Latin American (Mango Languages)


TumbleBook Biblioteca (TumbleBook Library)

  • Can't leave out the little ones, now, can we? Perhaps one of the best ways for both kids and adults to supplement their learning of Spanish is through kids' Spanish picture books. But the books through TumbleBook Library are not just any picture books—they are interactive read-along kids' picture-books replete with audio/video components, quizzes, games, and more!
  • TumbleBook Biblioteca:
  • Database Link:


Spanish-Language eMagazines (Flipster)

  • Flipster—a library database that provides online access to popular magazines—also has a Spanish section. The High Five Bilingüe (a bilingual magazine for young children) is especially useful for both adults and kids learning Spanish.
  • Flipster’s Spanish Magazines: Visit the database link and click “Spanish” in the left-hand column
  • Database Link:


Spanish-Language eBooks & Audio Courses (Library2Go)

  • Library2Go offers a few eBook and Audiobook resources on Spanish that are convenient because you can play/read them very easily on your mobile devices using the Libby app. While not as comprehensive as some comparative audio courses like Pimsleur (available to borrow in CD form via our library catalog), Learn in Your Car Spanish is a good place to start if you want the convenience of playing an audio course from your phone or are waiting for the Pimsleur course to become available. Lyric Language Spanish, a Spanish sing-along program for kids, is also available through your internet browser by visiting Library2Go or through the Libby app.
  • Library2Go’s Spanish Language Resources:
  • Database Link:


Language Lab (BrainFuse)


Dover Dual Language Spanish Series (Hoopla)


Informe Académico (Gale)

  • So . . . To your ineffable delight you have found that you are nothing less than a linguistic prodigy and have become fluent in Latin-American Spanish in next to no time. In order to award your genius, you decide to conduct research in order to demonstrate just what a rare bird you are. Why not conduct said research using a Spanish-language database like Informe Académico? I’m not there yet myself, so do let me know how that goes. ;)
  • Database Link:


What’s listed here is just the tip of the iceberg—there is a whole vista of Spanish-language online tools and fun awaiting your discovery. Don’t wait, try some of these today—and if you fall off your bicicleta, just hop back on and keep pedaleando. I know I do... =]

In the meantime, look alive for the next blog on all things techie, which will be coming your way soon….


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