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Computer and Internet Access

JCLS connects people to the Internet and the computer access they need for homework, job searches, and information.

Jackson County Public Library Internet Use Policy

Use of Library technology by each and every patron, staff member or volunteer shall constitute that person’s acknowledgment of, and agreement to abide by, this Internet Use and Safety Policy, including guidelines for use of the Internet by minors.

  • The Internet computer equipment and software provided by the Library must be used as installed. Deletion, addition, or modification of installed hardware or software is not permitted.
  • Users shall not disclose, use or disseminate personal identification information regarding minors without proper authorization.
  • Users shall utilize the Library network for lawful activities only. They shall not use the network to cause harm to others or damage the property of others. They shall not intentionally upload, download or create computer viruses or other forms of malicious programming, attempt to harm or destroy equipment, manipulate the data of any other user, or seek unauthorized access to networks and systems, including so-called "hacking."
  • Patrons are expected to adhere to all rules governing the use of the Internet in libraries, including the duration and frequency of sessions.
  • Patrons who violate library policy regarding the use of the Internet or who behave in a disruptive manner will be asked to either modify their use appropriately or have their Internet usage access terminated.

The library is a public place and library staff has the authority to end an Internet session if material which is obscene to a library setting is displayed. Internet access is intended to be used as an information resource. All Internet use is subject to JCLS’s Rules of Conduct Policy/Normas de Conducta.