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Interim Book Club in a Bag: Home

We're excited to announce changes to the Book Club in a Bag program coming January 1, 2019!

Book Club in a Bag

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in getting a Book Club in a Bag. The program is on a short break until January 2020 when we launch our new and improved platform. Currently placed reservations will still be fulfilled, but changes or additions will not be possible in the interim. See you in January!

Get a Book Club Kit

What is Book Club in a Bag?

They're bags filled with everything you need to run a book club (except the people, that would be weird and probably illegal).
That means you get at least 10 copies of a single book, a check out sheet, author information, and suggested discussion questions. Some book bags contain two large print copies, an audiobook of the title, and some have a DVD of the book featured (spoiler: it is inevitably not quite as good as the book). There is a card on the bag listing the contents so you know exactly what you're getting and what to return.

How do I get one?

Yeah, so good news/bad news kind of situation here. The good news is that we're revamping the Book Club in a Bag program. It's getting some brand new and easy to use reservation software, which is going to be awesome. We're also adding fifteen new Book Club Bags. Plus, if you have reservations currently placed, you will get your bags for November and December. Future reservations into 2020 are going to be migrating over to the new platform. So, a lot of good, right? The bad is that it's going to take us a couple of months to get everything set up for you to start enjoying. As a result, you will not be able to make new reservations until we launch the new platform in January 2020.

How long will they check-out?

Once checkout is available again in January you will be able to check out a Book Club in a Bag kit for 6 weeks. Bags cannot be renewed.

Where are the kits?

The kits like to go on trips around the county and our couriers will happily deliver the bags to your preferred branch library for easy pick-up. When you're done with it, return it back to your local branch (during business hours, please) and we'll take care of seeing them back home to Medford until they're requested again.

Are there terms and conditions?

Well, you don't need your firstborn as collateral, just know that the person who checks out the book club bag is responsible for the kit and all its contents. All the items on the inventory list need to be returned at the same time in the original bag.

Thanks to the Friends of the Medford and Ashland libraries who have funded this program.

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