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Your Library Card: Circulation Policy FAQ

Comprehensive information about your JCLS library card.

Circulation Policy Update

When will the circulation policy change take effect?

The majority of the policy changes will take effect Monday, March 4, 2019. The ability to issue a replacement card for free takes effect immediately.

Why is the length of time that a hold is kept being shortened to 7 days?

Decreasing the length of time that holds are kept will help to hasten the process of filling patrons’ requests.

If we are no longer charging an interlibrary loan fee, will we no longer be charging overdue fees for this type of loan?

Interlibrary loans that are returned late will still result in overdue fees being charged to the patron’s account. This charge will be $1.00 per day from the due date.

Why are we no longer requiring a parent to be present to issue a card for his or her child?

In order to reduce barriers that would prevent minors from accessing library services, parents no longer need to be present. This would allow either a minor coming in on their own or with another adult, such as a grandparent, to bring the child in to have a library card issued to him or her.

Will an adult (other than the parent) need to be present for a child to be issued a library card?

No, the minor can come in on their own or with another adult. However, if the minor comes in without his or her parent/guardian then staff will need to mail the library card that was issued with a letter notifying the parent about the card being issued to his or her child.

How are the new card types, Educator, Organizational, and Computer, different from other card types?

Educator library card is separate from a personal library card and allows educators the ability to borrow materials to be used in an educational setting. In addition to being able to access all library services, they will be allowed to borrow up to 60 items at a time for educational purposes, have six-week loan and renewal periods, and have up to 40 holds at a time.

An educator will need to visit a library branch with photo identification as well as with one of the following:

·     School or childcare identification

·     School or childcare pay stub

·     Letter on school or childcare letterhead from the school administrator or childcare director authorizing them to check out materials on behalf of the institution

·     Homeschooling letter from the Education Service District (ESD)

·     Oregon State Child Care Division certification

Does the Educator bear financial responsibility for fees accrued on the Educator card?

Yes, the educator is responsible for any fees incurred on his or her educator card.

Organizational Card type is available to organizations that have a governing board and/or a business structure in Jackson County. Only one organizational library card will be issued per organization. Should the authorized person who signs the application leave the organization, the organization will continue to be responsible for all materials borrowed. Organizational library cardholders must have the card with them to access services at the library. The organization library card expires annually on its issue date.

Organizational cardholders may access all library services, borrow up to 60 items at a time, have six-week loan and renewal periods, and may have up to 40 holds at time. Organizational cardscannot be used for group access to Jackson County library subscription databases and Interlibrary loan.

Computer Access Card type is available to individuals who live within the Library’s service area (Jackson County), but otherwise do not have an active library card. The Computer Access card grants users access to the internet and all databases through the public computer terminals in any Library branch, but cannot be used to borrow Library materials. No identification is required to obtain a Computer Access card, but birthdate is required. Individuals must be 13 years old or older to have a computer card.

Will the Computer Access Card be taking place of the Guest Pass?

Yes, to a certain degree. For those who live within the library’s service area, we would issue a Computer Access Card. However, if the individual needing the computer access is only visiting the area for a short while then we can provide them with a guest pass.

Why are we changing the lending periods for DVDs to three weeks?

In order to create more consistency with our lending periods, we are increasing the check-out time for DVDs to 3 weeks in order to match the lending periods for the majority of the other material types that can be checked out from JCLS. Also, by increasing the DVD lending period, it will allow patrons who check out TV series and DVDs with multiple discs more time to finish watching the materials that he or she has checked out.

If the lending period for DVDs is increasing to 3 weeks, won’t this slow down the rate at which they come back to fill patrons’ requests?

It may slow down how quickly DVDs come back, but the selectors are making adjustments to the ratios that determine how many copies of an item to purchase based on the number of hold requests. This should help to reduce the impact of increasing the lending period of the DVDs when it comes to filling hold requests.

Where are the Rogue Community College (RCC) policies regarding staff/student cards, overdue fees, and checkout periods?

Since Rogue Community College is a separate organization their policies are not included with JCLS’ policies. However, RCC is in the process of updating their policy and this information will be available on their library’s web site ( If the information on this web site doesn’t address JCLS staff or patrons’ questions, then it would be best to contact RCC directly with questions in regards to their library policies.

To contact by phone, the following phone numbers can be used:

·     Redwood Campus - 541-956-7152

·     Riverside Campus - 541-245-7512

·     Table Rock Campus - 541-245-7820

Please bear in mind that when attempting to contact Rogue Community College that they are closed in-between terms when classes are not in session, and for college-observed holidays.

If staff or patron have a question in regards to the lending period and overdue fee rate for an RCC item that was sent to fill the JCLS patron’s hold, staff can view this information in Polaris by opening up the item record and use the item record information to answer these types of questions. Many of the items that are used to fill JCLS patrons’ requests are typically going to have a 3 week lending period and .25 cent per day overdue fee charge.