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Volunteer Services

A place for all things volunteer-ish

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions or need more information, contact

What steps do I take to become a volunteer?

Complete an application and submit the form online or turn in a paper application found at any branch. You will then be instructed to:

  • Contact the branch in which you are interested in volunteering to schedule an interview.
  • Interview at the branch library to determine an assignment that fits your skills.
  • Attend a registration meeting with the volunteer coordinator and complete criminal background check. 
  • Library staff or volunteer coordinator will contact you when your background check has been approved.
  • Contact your library branch to set up a start date and schedule.

Is there a time commitment for volunteers?

Most of our volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of three months. Much of the work we do in the library requires training and an investment of staff time so we ask for a regular, ongoing commitment.  If you are looking for short-term or one-time opportunities, other organizations may be able to help:
The United Way of Jackson County
Pacific Retirement Services: Retired and Senior Volunteer Program

Will I be trained?

Yes! Your volunteer supervisor will work with you to make sure you have the information and training you need to do your tasks.

What if I don't like my current assignment? 

If you feel that the tasks you are given are not a good match for you, notify your volunteer supervisor and we will work with you to find a placement that better fits your needs.

What are the age requirements to be a volunteer?

The minimum age to be an independent volunteer with Jackson County Library Services is 14 years old.  Youth who are 13 years and younger may volunteer if accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian who has completed a criminal background check and is a registered volunteer.

Will I have a set schedule?

In order to plan work assignments in response to workload, most volunteer positions have a set schedule.  If having a schedule does not work for your circumstances, positions may be available that are more flexible.  We can discuss your scheduling availability during your interview. 

Can I complete service hours for school?

Maybe. Each branch and each department has different needs and some are able to accommodate and supervise high school internship and service hours.  For more information, please contact Volunteer Services at 541.774.6422. 

Can I complete community service hours that are court-ordered?

Unfortunately, the Library is unable to accept court-ordered volunteers. The volunteer program at the library is looking for people who want to make a minimum commitment of three months. Most court-mandated volunteering does not fit into this structure.