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03_About the BRC: Blue Ribbon Committee

The Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) was comprised of a cross section of community leaders to help drive the planning process and deliver the final plan for Library District Board approval.  The BRC was supported by Director Maureen Swift and Director Carol Doty from the Library District Board steering committee.  JCLS Library Director, Tammy Westergard and Community & Digital Services Coordinator, Carrie Prechtel provided the BRC with the administrative support, tools and resources to ensure successful completion of the many activities and outputs of the strategic planning process.

Additionally, the Library District retained professional library consultant Margot Helphand to facilitate blue ribbon committee sessions, stakeholder focus groups and Library District study sessions. She assisted the BRC in identifying recommendations for service priorities, goals, and objectives and help identify current library operations, resources, facilities and staffing gaps. Ms. Helphand offered the objective lens of a third party with recognized experience in positive community development related to public library services. As such, she synthesized key findings and authored the final document.

The BRC conducted most of its work in a virtual work space.  The committee members accessed research information and findings, action items, to-do lists, deadlines and next steps at the BRC tab on the JCLS Strategic Plan website.  This website is also the digital archive for all documentation associated with the strategic planning process.

BRC Meeting Pictures