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Get everything you need for a book club discussion in one bag, delivered right to your local library.

Get a Book Club Kit

What is Book Club in a Bag?

They're bags filled with everything you need to run a book club (except the people, that would be weird and possibly illegal).
That means you get at least 10 copies of a single book, a check out sheet, author information, and suggested discussion questions. Some book bags contain two large print copies, an audiobook of the title, and some have a DVD of the book featured (spoiler: it is inevitably not quite as good as the book). There is a card on the bag listing the contents so you know exactly what you're getting and what to return.

How do I get one?

We currently use a reservation system called 'KitKeeper', which makes it easy for you to:

  • See what kits are in the system (cover image, description, etc.)
  • See when kits are available
  • Place multiple reservations for book club use over the next 6 months
  • Reserve a specific kit
  • Remember when the kit can be picked up
  • Remember when the kit is due back at the library

How long will they check-out?

You can check out a Book Club in a Bag kit for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the Bags cannot be renewed. Reservations can be made for up to 6 months in advance using our KitKeeper tool.

Where are the kits?

The kits are housed at the Medford Library, but they like to go on trips and our couriers will deliver the bags to your preferred branch library for easy pick up. When you're done with it, return it back to your local branch (during business hours, please) and we'll take care of seeing them back home to Medford until they're requested again.

Are there terms and conditions?

Well, you don't need your firstborn as collateral, just know that the person who checks out the book club bag is responsible for the kit and all its contents. All the items on the inventory list need to be returned at the same time in the original bag.

Where's the list?

Right here! Just click here to use the kitkeeper system for reserving a bag.

Thanks to the Friends of the Medford and Ashland libraries who have funded this program.

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