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Mini Pirate Raft Craft

by Lyn Heerema on 2020-09-10T12:16:00-07:00 in Kids/Children | Comments

Mini Pirate  Raft That Really floats!  

The Ashland Library’s Children’s Department, along with the Talent and Phoenix libraries, is celebrating Talk like a Pirate Day the entire month of September! Come to any one of our branches to pick up a treasure map and visit all three branches for a different piratical Take & Make Kit. Since water and  boats are  two  things  that I think are lots of fun, the Ashland Children’s Department will be handing out a Take & Make Kit to create your very own pirate raft. 

Let’s walk through the basics of putting your raft together.  Here is what your kit should look like:

Now let’s make a raft!  

1. Take out three corks, line them up in a row, and take two rubber bands and  wrap them around the corks, one on each side. (Depending  how big the rubber band is, you may have to put it around twice.)

2. In the bag there is a mast (toothpick) and a flag. A little glue works great for attaching the flag to your toothpick. If you want,  add the mast and a flag  to your raft. 

 3. You’ll also find pipe cleaners in the kit. These are to make pirates to sail your ships. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and then cut them again to make legs and arms. This makes a good size pirate for your raft. 


4. Next  find a bowl, basin, or tub, fill it with water, and launch your raft. I had a lot of fun with my pirate raft. I even added a little island with treasure! 

Let  your child’s  imagination  float  away! Old wine corks can be used to make a whole fleet of rafts (wineries and some grocery stores often recycle these, so ask around). You can also create more people, add an island or islands, throw in a shark or two, and you’ll have a real pirate adventure! This week’s Storytime Short is called Swashby and the Sea. It’s a beautifully illustrated book about a crusty old sailor who learns (with a little help from the tricky ocean) how to make friends. If you are interested in something a bit more piratical, take a look at the list titled Arr Matey! on our library catalog page.

To celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day (arr matey, that be September 19!) the Ashland, Talent, and Phoenix Libraries are offering Take & Make Kits and a treasure map! Visit each library between September 12-19 to get an "X" marks the spot on your map. If you get all three, you'll have a chance to win a prize! Kits are for ages 5+ and are available while supplies last.

Each library features a different Take & Make Kit: 

Ashland: Make a Pirate Hat 

Talent: Pirate's Parrot Companion 

Phoenix: Make a Treasure Chest 

And don't forget to learn how to talk like a Pirate with our free language learning database Mango and check out the virtual Create Your Own Pirate Adventure program on September 15th from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

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