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3D Pumpkin Craft

by Lyn Heerema on 2020-10-08T10:28:00-07:00 in Craft | Comments

Here’s a neat craft that doesn’t require a lot of supplies but it has a nice "Wow" effect when it is done. The first thing you’ll need is colored paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s printer, construction paper, or card stock, any of them will work just fine. As you can see I had a variety of colors to work with, but just one color is okay too.

First, you’ll need to cut out fourteen 5-inch-wide x 3-inch-high pieces of this shape:

After you’ve cut them all out, fold them in half and cut a little slit in the center. Try not to make it more than an inch long.

Next about a 2-inch circle needs to be cut out for the middle.

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to tape, glue or staple a stem to the middle of the circle.

My stem is green, but you can also cut up an old paper bag, or even an old magazine to make one, whatever you have on hand is fine.

Now it’s time to make the pumpkin!

Take one of the oblong pieces you cut out (with the slit in the middle) and slide it on to the circle.

Continue doing this until you’ve used all fourteen pieces.

After you have them all on, you might have to tidy them up a bit so they are evenly distributed, but when you are all finished you will have sweet little 3D paper pumpkin!

For another version of this craft, you can visit:

Check out this week’s Storytime short featuring Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins and for even more pumpkin stories go to the library list feature titled Pumpkin Time on our catalog page.

Last but not least… Ashland, Talent, and Phoenix branch libraries will be teaming up for some Spooky October fun with a Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt! Get your claws on the scavenger hunt list at the Ashland, Talent, or Phoenix libraries—find all nine items and you've got a ghost of a chance to win a completely creepy set of the scary-good Harry Potter series.  All participating monsters will receive a "fangs" for trying.

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