Computers & Internet Service

Jackson County Library Services is pleased to provide Internet workstations for public use in order to enhance the information resources available in our communities.


Each branch of the Jackson County Library Services system has internet capable computers installed with Microsoft Office programs. Call the most convenient branch for more information.

Please check in with library staff before using the Internet workstation. Some branches require sign-up due to high demand. The public can print from any of the library internet computers.  Printouts cost 10 cents per page.

Internet Access

JCLS provides free wireless Internet access in all libraries. No passwords are required.

Due to insurance limitations and warranties, library staff members are not allowed to configure patron’s computers. Virus and security protection are the responsibility of the patron.

Internet Use Policy

The Internet computer equipment and software must be used as installed. The Internet Use Policy states the following are not permitted:

  • Deletion, addition, or modification of installed hardware or software
  • Unauthorized access, including so-called hacking and other unlawful activities
  • Unauthorized disclosure, use and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors
  • Display of material which is inappropriate to a library setting.

Internet Filters

All public computers and wireless internet access is filtered to disallow pornographic and Peer-to-Peer websites.

Additional filters are installed on at least one workstation in each branch that is usually designated for use by minors. The filter’s purpose is to block access to sites patrons may find objectionable for themselves or their children, such as those containing extreme violence, explicit sexuality, offensive language, or which otherwise may be deemed as harmful to minors. No filter can guarantee total success in this objective. We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s use of the Internet.

Individual users must accept responsibility for determining the suitability of content for themselves or their children. Library staff cannot know the maturity level and family values of each patron. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for determining access to appropriate matter on the Internet by children and young adults (under 18).

The library is a public place and library staff has the authority to end an Internet session if material which is inappropriate to a library setting is displayed. Internet access is intended to be used as an information resource.

Internet Access Safety for Kids

American Library Association (ALA) great websites for kids. The American Library Association offers a list of great safe sites for kids.

GetNetWise This is a resource for families and caregivers to help kids have safe, educational, and entertaining online experiences.