About Your Library


The mission of the Jackson County Library is to preserve intellectual freedom and strengthen the communities it serves by providing open and affordable access to ideas and information.

To achieve its mission, the Jackson County Library has three primary roles:

  • to be the open door to learning and reading for preschool children;
  • to give excellent reference assistance to individuals and organizations seeking information;
  • to provide popular materials for reading, listening and viewing for all ages.

As a secondary role, the library serves as a support center for formal education.


Public library services are governed by a Library District Board composed of five persons elected by county residents.

Jackson County Library District

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Goal 1: Create Young Readers

Young children (ages 0-5) have resources, programs, and services designed to help ensure that they will have the basic literacy skills to succeed in school.

Goal 2: Support Basic Literacy

Adults, teens, and families have the support they need to improve their literacy skills in order to meet their personal goals and live productive lives.

Goal 3: Lifelong Learning

All residents (children, teens, and adults) have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and for continual learning throughout their lives.

Goal 4: Reading, Viewing, and Listening for Pleasure

Residents have materials for their leisure time reading, viewing, and listening experiences and assistance in selecting those materials.

Goal 5: Community Commons

Residents have library facilities that serve as community centers providing comfortable and welcoming physical and virtual places, including quiet spaces and areas to meet and interact with others.

Goal 6: Public Internet Access and Access to Technology

Residents have free high-speed access to the digital world to take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available through the internet.

Use and Statistics

Jackson County Library Services consists of 15 library branches open 310 hours per week.

Free to all residents of Jackson County, the Library has a collection of over 630,000 items including books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, music CDs, and downloadable eBooks and audio books. Approximately 47,000 items were added in FY 2012-2013. Over 1.6 million items were checked out.

On average, 60,000 people enter the library branches each month. About 6,000 use the meeting rooms each month. Thousands attend over 3,000 programs held each year for all ages. Patrons log in over 13,000 sessions per month on the 170 Internet-use computers to access e-mail, apply for jobs, and use online resources. WiFi is available in all 15 branches.

The JCLS Website www.jcls.org gets over 40,000 hits a month. Access to the library catalog, online databases, downloadable eBook and audio books and much more, is available 24/7 from the Website.

For more statistics about Jackson County Libraries go to: JCLS Fiscal Year 2012-2013 statistics and Oregon Public Library Statistics.

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