Your Library Card

Your free JCLS library card entitles you to borrow from a wide range of material in the JCLS collection -- books, music, "CDs", magazines, "DVDs", maps, etc. What’s more, you may borrow items from any JCLS branch and have them transferred to your home library for pick up at no cost.

JCLS cards come in two types:

Full Service: All Jackson County residents and persons paying property taxes in Jackson County may receive a full service library card. This card allows up to one hour’s free internet access daily, generous borrowing privileges (up to 60 items simultaneously though some special high-demand items have restricted borrowing), free downloading of audio books, and more.

Limited Service: If you are not a resident of Jackson County (e.g., tourist, short-term residents) or are a new resident but don’t yet have documents to prove residency, please contact your local library.

A: Yes. Go to the Library Catalog and click on "patron account" then enter your library card number and password. If you don't remember one or both of these items, you will need to stop by your local branch with some identification so we can remind you.

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